The Zimba LotusGrill BBQ

Summertime in Australia – alfresco lunches, the lake, the beach, friends backyards or a sunny forest glade. During such a social, outdoor time of year, a BBQ will inevitably creep into the equation. And it’s here that a bit of flexibility can go a long way with your ultimate outdoor sizzle.

Take for example the LotusGrill smokeless charcoal grill, which can turn your summertime BBQs into a sizzling culinary adventure. Okay, I’m getting a little excited here, but here’s why: I’m a BBQ fan, and the LotusGrill’s portability means you can cook with it virtually anywhere – sailing across the Pacific or Indian ocean, sizzling on an island, in your friends BBQ-less backyards, or on a rooftop overlooking the city.



It’s also a handsome BBQ that looks like a stylish African drum, while it’s virtually smoke-free and designed with health and the environment in mind.

With the LotusGrill, you simply add a small amount of charcoal (90% less than conventional BBQs) to start cooking. While this is happening, the sides of the BBQ are cool to touch. You could even tip the Lotus upside down and the charcoal wouldn’t fall out, as it’s held inside a closed mesh container.

Just how does this work? Ambitious BBQ loving Germans engineered the LotusGrill with a built in battery operated fan, which creates a type of bellows heating system. At the flick of a button, air is forced out over the charcoals, forcing them to become very hot. There’s no smoke emitted, and the BBQ is heated to optimum cooking temperature in a mere three minutes (as opposed to 20).

Want to clean it at your mate’s house? Simple, throw it in the dishwasher. And while you’re immersed in portable BBQ action, the LotusGrill’s thin grill renders it virtually stick-free, so there’s no need to add oil to your food. Even with a nice fatty chop or piece of steak, the grill’s flat centre piece will prevent fat from dripping into the unit, making it a safer piece of equipment to run.

Furthermore, the grill optimises even heat distribution through its unique “thermal and radiant” heating system. In short, you’re set for a versatile, safe and relatively mess free BBQ experience, where you can still smack your steaks, snags and fish on with gusto.

For more info on this revolutionary BBQ, take a look at the LotusGrill website.

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