World Oceans Day

It is something that should be celebrated each and every day of the year for obvious reasons, but World Ocean Day is celebrated primarily on June 8th each year. World Oceans Day is the official UN-designated international day of ocean celebration.

Each year World Oceans Day has a theme and this year the theme is “Together we have the power to protect the ocean.”

world oceans day

The aim of World Oceans Day is to educate and help the public make decisions and take actions that protect the longevity and health of the oceans.

The importance of the ocean is imperative to all living species on earth. A healthy ocean ensures a healthy planet and the survival of us all.

There are over 400 events already planned for World Oceans Day. You too can host an event all you need to do is visit to register your event.

You can also find any event in your area simply by searching the World Oceans Day website. World Oceans Day are encouraging people to go above and beyond simply raising awareness, this year they want people to really use the theme “Together we have the power to protect the ocean” to inspire people to take action.

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