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August 18, 2014

Thinking of a Studying for a Meaningful Career?

There are fewer joys in life than loving your work, yet sadly too few people map out a path to follow their dreams to ensure a meaningful career.

Something more of us care passionately about now is the environment. If you care about our planet and would like to be a part of protecting our environment and our unique Australian species, there is now a plethora of courses that you can study that will set you on the right path.

Starting out researching courses can be daunting; the amount of choices and information out there can be overwhelming. Consider commencing by identifying where your passions lie. Are you fascinated by the progress of alternative fuel technology? Does animal conservation particularly appeal to you, does the protection of our natural environment drive you or do you have a passion to work with indigenous communities?

now learning

A comprehensive and informative resource to commence your research is the national Now Learning website ( www.nowlearning.com.au ). You can search all TAFE University and Short courses on the one, easy-to-use website. For instance courses in conservation and land management through institutions such as TAFE SA (South Australia) can prepare you for work in a variety of positions.

These courses include:

  • Environmental planning
  • Water management
  • Park ranger
  • Education
  • Land care
  • Government and administration
  • Transport

Now Learning provides information on a wide range of correspondence courses offered by universities and colleges from all over Australia. Many of the courses online now have a strong emphasis in the growing field of conservation. Conservation isn’t just about conserving the environment; it’s also about restoring it, especially where deforestation has threatened the existence of species by destroying their habitat – an exciting field that promises to grow in importance and popularity.

If you are not sure whether to choose between classroom-based tertiary education or online study opportunities, Now Learning can help make the decision easier by providing you with an outline of the various certificate, diploma, and degree courses available both online and on-campus from universities right across Australia.

Start researching the possibilities now to begin on your chosen path of a meaningful career. Nothing could be more important than the research and decisions you make today to ensure a bright future.

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