The outdoor desk – an off-grid office

While communication technology continues to develop, more and more workers are performing their tasks autonomously, from home or at hotels. Now, however, with the release of the Kanz Field Power outdoor desk, one could conceivable toil from anywhere, provided that anywhere receives enough sunlight.

The Kanz Field Power Desk is essentially a mobile free standing solar powered desk, that gives life to your electronic devices, such as laptops, phones, cameras, DVD players etc. Its integrated solar panels and lithium batteries do all the work, while feed troughs cover wiring, and smartly designed straps ensure of solid protection while travelling over the roughest terrain.

Outdoor desk

outdoor desk This smartly organised outdoor desk has a dedicated charging draw, where all your wires can fit snugly. Inside the draw there’s an internal charging strip which houses 12 and 15 volt outputs, which various electronic devices can connect to.

However, there’s two desk models that can do the job – one is the Field Power Desk 120, while the other is the Field Power Desk 240, with the latter, true to its number, being able to store and transmit more power. The 120 is able to give your laptop an extra three hours boost, while providing even more added time for the DVD player or camera. Its 20W integrated solar panel also recharges the desk in 6 hours of full sunlight.

The Field Power Desk 240 delivers six hours of power onto your otherwise lifeless laptop while its three integrated 20W solar panels recharge it in four hours of full sunlight.

This alfresco, toil friendly contraption is a handsome device, having an interior made from Baltic birch, which is encased in marine grade aluminium housing (suitable for bending and rough conditions). The desk also contains anodised cups on either side, which enhances its outdoor good looks while providing added impact protection.

Now finally here’s an outdoor desk made for the sturdy, outdoor toiler. I bet Hemingway would have loved it. And coming in at $1995.00 and $2495.00 respectively, it may indeed be reserved for the more famous for now, or perhaps the David Attenborough type.

Check out the Kanz Outdoors website for more details.

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