The innovative Portable Power Center

Uprise Energy is the innovative company behind the Portable Power Center. The alternative energy company has produced a 50kW mobile wind turbine with the entire machine designed to fit into a standard 40 foot shipping container.

Forty percent of the world’s population do not have access to reliable power. Consumers in remote regions not connected to the power grid such as farms, villages, islands and resorts could all benefit from Uprise Energy’s Portable Power Center. Other applications include consumers that want to use alternative energy, humanitarian and disaster relief efforts and government and military applications.

Portable Power Center

Portable Power CenterThe mobile wind turbine has been optimized especially for all wind-speed environments. Numerous innovations have made the Uprise Portable Power Center capable of dramatically capturing energy, even in low wind conditions.

The wind turbine is constantly monitoring weather patterns and adjusting itself through clever programming. The machine rotates a full 360º to adjust blade pitch in accordance to wind direction and speed for optimum energy capture. If the wind picks up to dangerous high speeds, the computer automatically parks the rotor and lays the mast down to avoid any damage.

The developers of the Portable Power Center, Uprise Energy, have been working with marine and wind technology for over 40 years. With a proven track record in producing energy solutions, Uprise Energy has undertaken to develop mid-scale portable wind machines. A niche that has until now, remained largely untapped.

No one would argue that wind power has its place in the energy solution equation worldwide. A portable wind turbine machine in the niche of mid-range until now did not exist. The Portable Power Center is potentially very exciting. The machine can deliver power into the grid or directly to the consumer as required. Excess power is stored when wind power exceeds demand, and when wind energy is low; the machine draws on the stored power.

Because the Portable Power Center is movable and fits in a shipping container, accessibility to remote regions is entirely possible. The self-erecting and automatic lay-down feature means set-up is simplified, requiring no permanent site improvements, cranes or specialty technicians.

Communities not served with power transmission lines now have the option to have low-cost renewable energy. In addition to generating electricity, the machine is capable of making water from air and hydrogen from biomass.

Take a look at Uprise Energy’s website for more information.

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