The flat-pack self-powered modular building

Blue Planet Buildings is a 100% Australia-owned and operated company that’s just released a futuristic demountable modular building for hire or sale.

In terms of housing, Blue Planet’s buildings take flat-pack to a whole new level; an Australian demountable modular building that is self-powered. That translates to a structure that can be erected and fully functionable anywhere, anytime.

Due to the way these buildings can be flat-packed, up to five buildings can be transported on a single semi-trailer, making them an extremely cost-effective solution for remote communities.

modular building

modular buildingRemote mining communities are also benefiting from these modular building designs. Regardless of how remote the location or how limited the surrounding resources are, these buildings can be assembled and used.

In terms of impact on the environment, the Blue Planet building design uses a unique solar grid technology to generate power. This is a key design feature that minimises the environmental impacts by keeping carbon emissions to zero.

The solar grid technology enables the building to generate up to 1.5 kWh of its own power through solar panels set on its roof. Furthermore, each single wall panel is composed of layers of metal alloy and composite insulation board, while the modular building allows for operation both on and off grid.
Modular building

Pre-installed modular options include water and electrical pipes and channels, and wiring to specifications. The power-generating potential, the number of double glazed windows and doors, the plumbing options and overall set up of the building can also be uniquely tailored to suit almost any requirement.

The Blue Planet designs are also highly durable in structure. They are capable of withstanding all weather and temperature conditions, even a category D cyclone. The walls of the modular buildings are comprised of thick insulated panels that lock together automatically, connecting both power and water supplies. The buildings sit in their own metal frames and can be adjusted as required, this is particularly useful when erected on uneven or unprepared ground.

These flat-pack, self-powering, modular buildings have a lot going for them, with capabilities almost unheard of until now. Indeed, the environmental, logistical and financial benefits of Blue Planet’s modular buildings have proved substantial.

For more information on these ingenious mobile structures, take a look at the Blue Planet Buildings website.

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