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December 18, 2012

Sydney’s sustainable Barangaroo development

Barangaroo is to be the biggest urban renewal project since the Olympic site was built at Sydney’s Homebush Bay, but more interestingly, it is set to be the greenest development the city has ever seen.

Lend Lease are developing Barangaroo and the planners and investors see it as a great opportunity to showcase Sydney as a world leader in sustainability. Sustainable designs and initiatives are being created environmentally, socially and economically throughout the development of the project.


BarangarooThe aim of Barangaroo is to be the first project of its size to be climate positive. In other words, the precinct will create more energy than it uses, recycle more water than it consumes and recycle more waste than it creates.

A little more than half of the site will be dedicated public space, including a 2.2 kilometre foreshore walk and a park on the headland. The landscaping will primarily be comprised of Australian native varieties, which should attract native birds.

Once completed, Barangaroo will be home to 23,000 workers as well as being the site for 800 residential apartments. Some of the long-term sustainability measures planned for the project includes solar energy to service the public areas, and recycled water for the toilets, irrigation and fire sprinklers.

For a truly contemporary look – and practicality – there will be electric car power stations at the Barangaroo site. One can only imagine that the demand for electric cars will only increase radically in the future. Public transport, walking and bicycling will all be encouraged and catered for, to and from the precinct. Traditional cars will be discouraged with only 4% car usage allowed on the site.

Barangaroo will be generating new solar renewable energy on site, which will be enough to service the public areas. Furthermore, a solar farm in regional New South Wales, which is big enough to generate the amount of electricity required to power approximately 5,000 homes, will be part of the energy plan for the development.

For commercial and residential tenants, the air conditioning will be required to be energy efficient. Other sustainable measures include reducing waste by 97% that would otherwise be destined for landfill. This will occur by sorting and separating waste and recycling and reusing where possible, especially during the construction phase of Barangaroo.

If all the sustainable plans of this exciting ‘climate positive’ development are adhered to, Barangaroo could become the benchmark for large scale sustainable urban projects.

For info on this projected climate friendly behemoth, take a look at the Barangaroo website, as well as Lend Lease’s website.

Check out this footage on what Barangaroo is predicted to look like.

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