Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump

With the decline in energy infrastructure investment, the carbon tax, and electricity privatisation contributing to rising power bills in Australia, the advantages of using alternative energy to power household utilities is clear. One device which does just that is the Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump, which provides hot water to households by extracting heat from the air.

Sanden claims their hot water heat pump “can save up to 78% on electric storage hot water energy costs” compared with conventional heating systems. And unlike solar hot water systems, this one requires no expensive electrical boosters, and can heat without the sun. It’s also easy to install, as it can be fully fitted in 1-2 hours and can sit right where your electrical heater did.

Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump

Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Mark Padwick, Managing Director of Sanden, says the pump works much like a refrigerator but in reverse. A fan forces air through an evaporator which contains natural refrigerant CO2 (R744), which is “ozone friendly and does not contribute to global warming”. The refrigerant is then circulated by a compressor, and as it passes through the compressor, its pressure, and then temperature, rises. The refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanger, which heats the water.

With hot water comprising an estimated 25% of your total household energy consumption, alternative heating systems such as this are well worth investigating. With Sanden’s Eco Hot Water Heat Pump, its lower installation costs (compared with solar), present an excellent energy alternative for those keen to lower their costs and environmental impact. Furthermore, Padwick maintains “It heats 50% quicker than other currently available heat pump systems so the hot water is there when you want it”.

Other advantages to this hot water heat pump include its 15 year tank warranty and its ability to sit both inside and outside the home (as the pump and stainless steel storage tank sit separately). It’s also eligible for rebates, having the highest STC (Small scale Technology Certificates) rebates of any hot water system.

For more info on this household friendly eco product, visit Sanden’s website.

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