Saffrron Restaurant Darwin Australia

Saffrron Restaurant is in located in Darwin Australia and features an Indian style menu that’s a tasting tour of the local region. Chef Selvam Kandasamy specialises in designing healthy, flavoursome and authentic Southern Indian, Northern Indian and Tandoori cuisine. The restaurant not only serves up tasty food, they have also implemented some interesting sustainable practices.

The tableware at Safrron Restaurant is made from 100% sugarcane, which is biodegradable. Biodegradable tableware reduces water use and energy, minimising the footprint of your dining experience and the restaurant.

Old cooking oil from Saffron is reclaimed and sent to Fryer Fuels (Darwin) where it is converted to biodiesel. Non recyclables from the restaurant are sent to the Darwin Renewable Energy facility where it is used to produce methane gas, which is converted to electricity.

saffrron restaurant

Joanna and Selvam Kandasamy opened Saffrron in 2008 just outside Darwin’s CBD with a vision to commit to environmentally sustainable practices and sourcing local produce.

saffrron restaurant staffAccording to Selvam Kandasamy, “Our most prominent innovation is the decision to not use ceramic tableware, due to it being energy intensive throughout its entire lifecycle. Instead, we use zero-waste technology, truly biodegradable one-use bagasse tableware. This is extended through to our plant based takeaway food packaging – even the straws are biodegradable.”

“Even one simple step such as not using tablecloths, can mean savings on the carbon footprint of the product, the water and energy used throughout its lifecycle being washed every day, the need for replacement, the chemicals used to launder it and possibly dryers too,” says Selvam Kandasamy. “Basically it comes down to responsible business ownership and best practice, but it’s also about good eating. We want to be able to eat good, safe food in good conscience, that hasn’t caused any destruction on its way to the table.”

These initiatives led to Saffron Restaurant being awarded the Climate Action Award at the Ecotourism Australia Annual GECKO Awards in 2011 for its environmentally friendly business initiatives.

Sustainable seafood, local produce and seasonal ingredients and plenty of spice are key elements of the dishes at Saffron Restaurant but eating at Saffrron is also an educational experience. Guests discover what it means to integrate environmental awareness into the way we eat, the way we eat out, and how we eat when we travel.

So if you’re in Darwin and looking for a great dining experience with a difference checkout the Saffrron Restaurant. More information is available on their website.

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