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April 1, 2013

Robinvale Organic Wines

Far inland in rural Victoria, near the banks of Australia’s famous Murray River, there’s a magical little winery that goes that extra yard to make your palatal experiences memorable. For in the Caracatsanoudis family vineyard in Robinvale, which is Australia’s first organic winery, not only will you find biodynamic and organic wines, you’ll get a little slice of history.

When George Caracatsanoudis started Robinvale Organic Wines on his 30 hectare property back in 1976, he, along with the help of his family, built the winery from ancient Mount Gambian limestone to regulate the temperature. Today, George’s sons Steve, Bill and their families continue the tradition of pumping out quality wines from their pioneer facility, which resembles “a Greek temple”.

Organic wines

Amongst the varieties available, you’ll find table wine, sparkling, fortified, non-alcoholic and even vegetarian and vegan friendly wines. The non-alcoholic wines at Robinvale are biodynamic, where consideration is given not only to the purity of the soil but everything that interacts with it.

All wines at the winery contain no insecticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers typical of many Australian vineyards. Instead you’ll find organic and biodynamic wines that are so smooth they’ll make you sing loudly (for joy) in restaurants.

To certify its par excellence, Robinvale Organic Wines has won a number of awards, including a first place finish for its liqueur cabernet sauvignon in the sweet wine category at the Mildura show and another first for its oak chardonnay in the dry white section. The winery is also Australian Certified Organic, while it has the Demeter Certification for its biodynamic selection.

Organic wines

Robinvale Organic Wines is also listed as one of the tourist attractions in the area. It’s no wonder, as besides its uniquely constructed cellar, claim to being Australia’s first organic vineyard and its array of juicy beverages, the place sells food and occasionally hosts live music. Here you can grab some fresh sultanas, as well as the divine, organic seedless chocolate coated muscats.

So sit down, relax, and have a sup and a nibble before you peek at the cellar. As for the music, the success of Jimmy and the Mirrors looks set to attract more musicians amongst this Robinvale grapevine in the very near future.

For more information on Robinvale Organic Wines, take a look a their website.

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