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For reference and information we are compiling some basic information relating to renewable energy, environment and innovation in Australia including:

Solar Power Energy
Wind Power Energy
Hydro Electric Power
Geothermal Energy
Wave, Ocean & Tidal Power
Biofuel Information
Energy Saving Products
Carbon Footprint
Renewable Energy Companies in Australia
Eco Events

Renewable Energy Resources in Australia

The Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism released their report on Australian Energy in 2011 and is a great insight for anyone interested in the current state of energy production in Australia at present.

Download Energy in Australia 2011 Report (.pdf 2.2mb)

Download just the Renewable Energy section (.pdf 160kb)

The Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP, states in the Energy In Australia 2011 foreward that, “…we also need to be investing in technology to deliver renewable and clean energy projects on a commercial scale.”.

renewable energy map australia