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Slimz Midnight

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Slim upper strap.

All-Natural latex rubber.

Highly compressed for pillow-soft comfort.

All-natural, non-toxic dyes. Made for everyday relaxation.

Strap will stretch to conform to your feet.

Free shipping within Australia!

These eco-chic thongs by Feelgoodz are natural, comfortable and ethical.

Slimz Midnight

Feelgoodz biodegradable, all-natural rubber thongs are the only thing to be thonged in this summer.

Made by Feelgoodz, a company that trades by the ‘People, Planet and Profit’ philosophy, these thongs look good, feel great and do the right things – by the planet and the people that produce them.

Made from biodegradable natural rubber, hemp, bamboo, and recycled paper (Breakdown in an average of four to five years), meaning that once you wear out your Feelgoodz, they can either be turned into compost or planted in a garden!

Super comfortable: natural materials = natural comfort.

Priced FAIRLY so workers are paid FAIRLY.


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Price: $29.00


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