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August 18, 2014

Packqueen: Eco Friendly Packaging

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift box, a case of wine or a food hamper? Much of the focus is what is inside, but often the packaging is cumbersome and wasteful – and even worse – non-biodegradable.

Packqueen has an environmentally-friendly focus and is a leading innovator and supplier of a huge variety of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Started by a group of women friends, Packqueen now offer a range of different biodegradable packaging supplies to suit almost every conceivable product.


Packaging from Packqueen includes their fully-recyclable presentation gift boxes, including their popular cupcake boxes, gift bags for a variety of products, wine casing in different sizes and colours – in fact anything that can be packaged – can now be done in eco-friendly biodegradable packages.

Packaging can also be customised to suit your specific needs. Imagine friends and families receiving a gift hamper or gift box from you with the added attraction of knowing that the packaging isn’t going to add to landfill. In fact the packaging is so attractive it can be used again and again and when the packaging has reached the end of its lifespan, it will break down quickly and naturally, not in decades.

There are a ton of options to choose from, just look for the products that are labelled “biodegradable”. It’s guilt-free giving or presentation when you know the biodegradable packaging won’t to the burden of landfill. This is one way to show that you’re contributing to the earth’s preservation and saving our planet – while presenting your products or giving gifts!

There are presentation gift boxes, hampers, jewellery boxes, retail boxes, wine boxes, gift bags and eco gift-wrapping. As well there is also a range of storage and removal boxes, archive boxes and postal boxes.
For packaging, there is everything available from boxboard, courier bags and everything possible to ship or post your products in a way that reflects well on your company. Other services offered by Packqueen including food packaging, printing and custom labelling.

With Christmas just around the corner, make your choice to package your products or presents this gift giving season the creative and responsible way. If you are selling or promoting eco-friendly products these packaging solutions are ideal. Packqueen have literally thousands of packaging products to choose from and ordering your packaging needs is easy. All their wholesale pricing is available online from the website http://www.packqueen.com.au .

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