NVEY ECO is an award winning organic makeup brand

Organic makeup is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it makes sense. Let’s face it, nothing gets as close to your skin as makeup, so you want products that are as pure as possible.

The NVEY ECO organic makeup products are the brainchild of Melbourne-based CEO and Founder, Rohan Widdison. Made in Australia and sold in over 30 countries, NVEY ECO is a pioneer and outstanding advocate of pure, organic makeup artistry.

Since being developed in 2005, the talent behind the brand Rohan Widdison, has been developing and perfecting methods and techniques that have evolved into a Pure Organic Makeup Artistry concept that takes organic makeup to the next level.

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nvey organic makeupNVEY ECO explodes the myth that organic makeup reduces the performance, application and look of the makeup. With the development of unique production methods that retain the organic profile, NVEY ECO delivers high performance colour and long lasting characteristics that NVEY Make-up is known for internationally.

The high performance characteristics of NVEY ECO are achieved without the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, and NVEY ECO is not tested on animals.

According to creator, Rohan Widdeson, “What interested me in creating NVEY ECO was the challenge to develop and bring to the world a true certified organic makeup brand that could bring to life the artistry values and styles that I had longed for during my decades in the beauty industry, combined with organic formulas that would nurture and care for my client’s skin.”

More than just a fashionable word, organics is a lifestyle for the producers of NVEY ECO. Their approach to cosmetics is based on long-term responsibility, towards both their clients and the environment. NVEY ECO only uses ingredients that are both loving and nurturing to your skin.

Certified Organic by the NATRUE, a leading European and Global certifying body that audits and certifies cosmetic products, NATRUE certification is an important global recognition for NVEY ECO, and reinforces the focus on safe, ethical and functional cosmetics for consumers.
NVEY ECO cares about the health of their clients and the environment, and use only regulated, approved and safe ingredients appropriate for colour cosmetics.

Here are some of the advantages of NVEY ECO Organic makeup:

  • No Talc is used in any NVEY ECO product.
  • No Parabens are used in the manufacture of any NVEY ECO product.
  • No SLS or derivatives of SLS chemicals are used in any of our products.
  • No Propylene Glycol is used in our products.
  • No ingredients are derived from genetically modified crops (GMO).
  • Not Tested On Animals

For more information check out the NVEY Eco website.

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