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Initially on career paths involving healthcare and marine science, Maz Pugoy and Samuel Church diverted their course to share and encourage raw foods within the city of Sydney. And it was after leasing space off a friend, that Maz and Sam started their Newtown café entitled Sadhana Kitchen.

When asked what was the focus and inspiration behind Sadhana, Maz says “we serve to make delicious and nourishing food that is made with love and organic ingredients to the people of Sydney”. True to her word, Maz and the team use vegies, herbs and fruit grown organically from their own garden when possible, while ordering any organic produce they can’t grow themselves through local farmers’ markets.

sadhana cafe cake

Newtown cafe Sadhana KitchenAll food used is pesticide, chemical, hormone and artificial additive free, while organic waste is composted through the aerobin, which is located in Sadhana’s biodynamic garden. Cleaning products used at Sadhana are also eco-friendly, and all napkins used onsite are reusable. Recycled takeaway packaging is also supplied, although Maz and Sam encourage regulars to bring their own reusable containers whenever possible.

Besides its quality food sourced focus, this little Newtown café has a strong holistic outlook, which integrates good food into good living. According to Maz, the name Sadhana (pronounced Sah-da-nah) is a Sanskrit term that translates into “conscious spiritual practice”. Maz believes that what we put into our bodies everyday is part of our Sadhana, which profoundly affects our vitality as well as the environment.

Citing delicious and nourishing food as the answer, Maz believes our minds and bodies already know what’s good for us, it’s just that we need to reconnect with our inherent personal wisdom that we’ve forgotten. A self-confessed Star Wars enthusiast, Maz likens the idea to a quote from Master Yoda, who says “already know you that which you need”.

Some of the nourishing whole food at this Newtown café includes the homemade Sadhana Kitchen granola, which contains buckwheat, go ji berries, cacao nibs, crushed walnuts and shredded coconut with home made mesquite almond mylk. Or for something more hearty, there’s the Sadhana lasagna, which contains layers of zucchini pasta, cultured cashew cheese, basil pesto, walnut mince, wilted spinach and chunky tomato sauce.

Mouth watering yet? Check out Sadhana Kitchen’s website for more details.

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