National Threatened Species Day 2012

Held on the 7th of September, National Threatened Species Day 2012 commemorates the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger, which was was held in Hobart Zoo in 1936.

The day was conceptualised in 1996 by the Threatened Species Network, a community based program of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Commonwealth Government’s Natural Heritage Trust, as a way to showcase Australian threatened species.

By drawing attention to the plight of Australia’s threatened and endangered species, National Threatened Species Day 2012 aims to encourage community involvement to prevent any further loss of our unique natural heritage. The day itself involves exhibitions, festivals, displays, workshops and guided walks that highlight issues threatening Australia’s endangered fauna and flora.

September of each year is also celebrated as a biodiversity month, a time when many Australians celebrate the country’s unique biological diversity.

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