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August 18, 2011

Make a Solar Oven from a Windshield Cover

Want to cook a dinner using the power of the sun and your vehicle’s windshield cover? Sound strange? Well this ingeniously simple design shows you how to make a solar oven from a reflective windshield cover.

This simple, easy and portable design for a solar oven is a handy and cheap option for remote use and sustainable solar cooking.

All you need to make this solar cooker is a reflective windshield cover, bucket, black pot, oven cooking bag, cake rack and a strip of Velcro.

Here’s how you make a solar oven using a windshield cover:

make a solar oven

  • Cut Velcro into three pieces approximately 4 cm long
  • Lay the windshield cover out on the ground with the notched side facing towards you.
  • Stick one side of the pieces of Velcro on the the edge at the left of the notch. Attach the other side of the Velcro underneath to the right of the notch so that when the side are brought together they stick to form a funnel.
  • Place your black pot inside an oven bag, place the pot on top of the cake rack (the cake rack is used to support the pot on top of the bucket) then place the pot/cake rack at the base of the funnel and position on top of the bucket. The funnel should be aligned for maximum exposure to the sun.

So there you have it – an extremely simple and effective solar oven design!

For more information on solar cooking and solar oven designs checkout our post on solar cooking.

This solar oven design is credited to Kathy Dahl-Bredine who says, “I have found this totally simple solar oven extremely practical, as it is so lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere. But in addition, it has reached a higher temperature in a shorter time than all the other models I have experimented with so far (I haven’t used a parabolic) – a little above 350 degrees F. I have cooked black beans in about the same amount of time as on a gas stove; I’ve used it to bake breads, granola, brownies, lasagna, all sorts of vegetables, and to purify water.”

The design was originally published by our friends at solarcooking.org.

Variations on this design can also be used.

solar oven designs

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