LaGaia natural skincare

The One of the first things we notice about our friends or when we meet someone new, is their face and in particular, their skin. LaGaia’s products are designed for both men and women to restore the natural pH balance and to effectively nourish your skin. All products from LaGaia are specially formulated to restore the skins natural pH balance between 5.0 and 6.0, the ideal range for all skin types.

The founder of the company, Dr Jean Laing has worked with leading cosmetic scientists to produce the optimal skincare range that delivers real results. No fancy packaging and no ingredients that can harm you or the planet. Most importantly, there are no irritating fragrances or toxic preservatives in the LaGaia skincare ranges, all products are scientifically formulated using first grade ingredients harvested from nature. The formulations are simply concentrated, active ingredients, including super antioxidants and vitamins that really work.

Lagaia natural skincare products

Dr Jean Laing has combined her 25-year career as a holistic practitioner with the latest of skincare science. She understands what customers want; formulas that deliver results without harsh chemicals that impact on the health of our bodies and our planet. Dr Jean’s LaGaia skin and body care range grew out of her own desire to create products that were in synchronicity with these beliefs, and a range she could recommend to her clients.

The new Hydraceutical range from LaGaia harnesses the latest science in natural formulations. Starting with Vitamin A, this fragrance free, microencapsulated formula is stable, protected from oxidation, has a super absorption rate and decreased chance of skin reactions. Vitamin A is proven to be the most effective substance for treating aging and UV-damaged skin.

Another centrepiece to the new LaGaia Hydraceuticals range is the Copper pH peptide hydra-correct. The lightweight gel is oil free and fragrance free. Copper is required to maintain and balance the body’s natural chemical and electrical processes and is well documented as effective in reducing inflammation. Copper also plays a vital role in the body’s natural processes of repairing and rebuilding the skin and the surrounding connective tissue.

Make no mistake, skin is the canvas on which we paint our self-portrait. Make sure it is a picture of health, wellbeing and happiness. Clean, nourish, moisturise and protect it, and as often as possible; wear a smile. This fits in perfectly with the LaGaia philosophy of less is more. Less chemicals, less lines and less stressed-out complexions.

The LaGaia range of products are available at leading spas and online at .

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