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As our global awareness increases along with advances in research some innovative uses of renewable energy and technology related to sustainable living and development are emerging. These forward thinking ideas are inspiring us to rethink our unsustainable ways of living and offer an efficient alternative to consider or a solution that will become more common in the future.

By putting the spotlight on some of these developments and projects (with an extra focus on Australian renewable energy ideas) we hope to inspire people to think differently or more consciously about the world we live in.

Here are some ideas we found interesting – we hope you do too!

Sustainable jet fuel aims for carbon neutrality

July 26th, 2014

solar jet fuel

The solar-powered production of sustainable jet fuel synthesised from water and carbon dioxide could revolutionise aviation according to European-based scientists.

Another intelligent life form is right here on earth: plants

June 24th, 2014

intelligent plants

The new discipline of plant neurobiology is at last treating our fellow earthlings as intelligent, feeling and communicating beings.
The first collective and concerted effort…

Microplastic – the monster of the deep

May 26th, 2014

microplastic zooplankton

It is safe to say that many plastics will never completely decompose. The only real way that plastic has been proven to break down to a certain extent is through photodegradation which…

The Carbon Farming Initiative is growing green farmers

May 19th, 2014

carbon farming initiative

Native forest protection is just one way farmers are using the Carbon Farming Initiative to improve the environment and help themselves.
The Carbon Farming Initiative is a voluntary…

One Step Forward to a Green Technology Revolution

May 13th, 2014

Liquid cleaning device

According to an unconfirmed source, engineers have released a new green technology cleaning device capable of sweeping away liquid substances in the blink of an eye. This video published…

Oysters to be the natural indicators of our waterways

May 12th, 2014

emma johnston oysters

The world famous Sydney Rock Oysters are considered one of Australia’s best gourmet delicacies. With annual production of over 106 million oysters valued at $35 million.
Now these…

People Power and the Power of Protest

May 5th, 2014

bentley blockade people power

As a part of Generation Y that is coming of age, protesting on political and environmental issues has never been a big part of our growing up. We always heard the tales from our parents…

Indoor air quality under investigation

April 28th, 2014

indoor air quality

Homes are a dangerous place to be because of poor indoor air quality, but a new gizmo from Europe could help track the problem.
Respiratory illness costs Europe €102 billion a year…

Polly Higgins – Eradicating Ecocide

April 21st, 2014

Polly Higgins

I was lucky enough to hear the amazing Polly Higgins in March 2014, in little old Mullumbimby, NSW. More used to addressing the United Nations, and recently sharing the stage with Peter…

Online 3D educational tool for experiential learning

April 14th, 2014

Into Science 3D learning

An online 3D educational tool has been developed in partnership with online education company 3P Learning and the CSRIO. The classroom has come a long way from chalkboards and textbooks…

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June 24, 2014

The new discipline of plant neurobiology is at last treating our fellow earthlings as intelligent, feeling and communicating beings.
The first collective and concerted effort…

June 24, 2014

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