Green Office Tips Australia

Workplaces are becoming more efficient in Australia with many businesses making the switch to green office initiatives and products.
Through the use of energy saving devices, change of staff habits and real time energy monitoring a green office is not only achievable, it makes good business sense.

There are many way to improve the functionality and energy efficiency of offices which can be applied on a small or large scale. Larger businesses may engage a third party consulting business to improve their workplace while small businesses can save a lot of costs by implementing a few green office tips.

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Green Office Consulting in Australia

green office staffCityswitch is one business that is helping businesses become more efficient in their energy consumption in the workplace and saving money through the use of eco office products and energy saving solutions.

Cityswitch is a national partnership between businesses and local governments across Australia to work with office tenants in reducing energy consumption in the workplace. To become a CitySwitch Signatory your office must be located in a local government area where the council is a participating CitySwitch partner.

Cityswitch promotes office energy efficiency and organisations that join the Cityswitch green office program receive help and monitoring to reduce operating costs and promote the business as an eco friendly workplace. A dedicated program manager guides the organisation through the research and implementation of green office ideas and a successful business can brag about their energy achievements to gain a marketing edge over competitors.

Arup is a large business that joined Cityswitch in April 2009. Their 10 000 employees work from 97 offices that span 32 countries. The Arup Brisbane office signed up with Cityswitch in April 2009 to make their workplace more energy efficient and the resulting changes led to them winning the Cityswitch Signatory of the Year Award in 2011. The green office fitout combined with behavioural change initiatives, submetering, lighting retrofit, equipment upgrades and real time energy monitoring improved office energy efficiency and saved money. If you’re interesting learning more check out the full case study.

The Green Savings Calculator is a free online resource that small businesses can refer to when trying to find ways or inspiration to improve their green office. While mainly designed for improving green homes the website is a useful resource for green business owners in Australia that want to retrofit their office or are in the process of building a new commercial premises.

green office small businessGreen Office Tips for Australian Businesses

Here’s some tips that can be easily implemented to make your office more efficient, a little greener and save money:

  1. Use 100% recycled paper and chlorine free paper
  2. Recycle paper waste
  3. Switch to a green energy provider
  4. Recycle old mobile phones and electronic machines/parts
  5. Switch lightbulbs over to energy efficient alternatives
  6. Timed power off for power points and computers.
  7. Put computers to sleep at the end of day and over weekends.
  8. Use indoor plants to clean air and open windows for ventilation instead of excessive air conditioning use.
  9. Program air conditioning to turn off at the end of the day and over weekends.
  10. Use real time energy monitoring to get an understanding of your business power consumption.
  11. Save paper by setting printers + photocopiers to print double sided.
  12. Turn off lights when not inuse, at the end of the day and over weekends.
  13. Refill toner and ink cartridges instead of buying new ones when replacement is needed.
  14. Implement incentives for staff to participate in your green office ideas.
  15. Use laptops instead of old desktop computers (laptops use less power)
  16. If your workplace doesn’t need hot water for showers etc then turn off the hot water system providing hot water to bathrooms.
  17. Replace disposable cups, stirrers etc with reusable receptacles (i.e ceramic mugs, glasses, spoons)
  18. Use non toxic cleaning supplies.
  19. Promote or encourage employees to use ride sharing or public transport.
  20. Use teleconferencing to cut down on travel time, costs and pollution.

If you are looking for more tips checkout this green office ideas list provided by the Green Building Council of Australia.

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