Lisa Gorman in Fitzroy, Melbourne, established Gorman in 1999. Her designs have met great success since her first collection titled ‘less than 12 degrees’

Though very modern Gorman has strong vintage and tribal references in her designs. Lisa Gorman has set her label apart from the rest with her signature bold prints and distinctive colour palettes. As a local to Melbourne’s creative Fitzroy it’s only fair that many of Gorman’s designs are influenced by the local culture and art she is surrounded by.


From shoes, dresses, knitwear, tops, pants, shorts, skirts, accessories, at home wears, home wares and everything in between. Gorman is set to continue to rise and rise with the Gorman collection now available throughout Australia and New Zealand. And it is a promise we will be seeing Gorman hit the international stage very soon.

In 2007 Gorman Organic was introduced. Each piece in the Gorman organic range is either certified organic or sustainable – meaning the sustainable pieces may not be specifically organic but come from sustainable practices. The Gorman Organic Range was a response to an increase in environmental awareness and made possible by manufacturing innovations in fabric production.

To buy Gorman or find your closest store visit the website.

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