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July 22, 2013

Elissa Sursara – Sexy vegetarian and environmental activist

We recently connected with Elissa Sursara about her personal causes and how she presents them. We love our readers and learning about what they’re into and Elissa Sursara is such an active activist; we just had to profile her work. But readers – don’t be intimidated – be inspired!

While becoming a vegetarian is clearly a personal choice, you have to admire that these animal lovers, walk the walk and that’s exactly what Elissa Sursara does (probably in heels!).

elissa sursara

Elissa is an Australian ecologist and media correspondent working on behalf of endangered species, threatened habitats and all animals in crisis. She does this by working with some of the world’s biggest environmental organizations; she is an ambassador for WWF’s Earth Hour, for Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors, for WSPA Australia. On top of that,  she is an Antarctic campaigns crew member for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as well as a cast member on the organization’s reality show Whale Wars, aired on Animal Planet.

“I’ve been twice nominated by PETA for their Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity and I am currently nominated by Pedestria TV as their 2013 Reader’s Choice Bachelorette!” explains Elissa.

“I’m in the process of launching a campaign called Environmend, which is all about generating awareness for issues affecting wildlife and their habitats. We use film and public service announcements, as well as collaborations with notables in sport, surfing, music, fashion and other industries, to communicate vital information in a creative, friendly and engaging matter.”

elissa sursara sea shepherd

elissa sursara vegetarianHow does someone get to be that dedicated and that focused? Elissa Sursara credits her childhood, growing up in near the beach and a mother who encouraged her passion to make a difference – especially her love of animals. While she doesn’t have a favourite species, tigers are incredibly special to Elissa, citing how little is done to protect these amazing endangered animals.

At Eco Citizen, what particularly stood out about the glamorous Elissa, is she is not a typical conservationist.  “Whilst I’m not afraid to get dirty, scale a tree, or travel to Antarctica to intercept an often violent whaling fleet, I also like decadence and toasting my achievements with French wine and pining over my art collection.”

This is reflected in some of the ambassadorships Elissa holds, such as being a World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour Ambassador alongside Miranda Kerr. “I’m also an ambassador for WSPA and for Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors as well as an Antarctic campaigns crew member for Sea Shepherd and a member on the organization’s Board of Advisors with Pierce Brosnan, Brigitte Bardot, Sean Connery, Martin Sheen and Sean Penn.”

Elissa has also recently been nominated by PETA in 2012 and 2013 consecutively as their Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity. “Often, the media refers to me as a celebrity conservationist and my personal and professional life is occasionally profiled in the media.”

Elissa elaborates, “My favourite fashions and cosmetics are environmentally friendly and kind to animals. My personal picks are Napoleon Perdis, Kevin Murphy, Stella McCartney, Vaute Couture and LUSH Cosmetics.”

Now that’s one stylish, sexy vegetarian.

For more info on Elissa checkout elissasursara.org.

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