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March 18, 2013

The CarbonKids sustainability education program

CarbonKids is a sustainability education program developed by CSIRO Education with funding support from Bayer. The broad aims of the program are to provide primary and secondary schools with the resources to enable them to address climate change and to teach kids how they can be a part of the solution in fun practical ways. The program importantly promotes a critical and action based approach to learning and is teacher and student friendly.

In practice, the CarbonKids sustainability education program involves schools in protecting and conserving our precious environments for the future. This is done by developing initiatives to live, work and play in a sustainable way and how to make adjustments that can stop millions of tonnes of polluting emissions that contribute to the negative effects of climate change.

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CarbonKids logoOne of the obvious strengths of this sustainability education program is it involves school kids at a young age, giving them an awareness to an important subject. Children are also taught an appreciation of the environment’s biodiversity and biosequestatration values (the capture and storage of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by biological processes) in addressing climate change.

In practical terms, CarbonKids learn how to reduce greenhouse emissions in their schools and community groups through practical means and direct action.

Some of the practical things that the kids learn are how to measure their greenhouse gas emissions using a carbon calculator and how to set a meaningful emissions reduction target, such as aiming to become carbon neutral. They learn how to identify ways to avoid emissions and how to increase sequestration by planting trees and how to make sustainable transport choices.

The CarbonKids sustainability education program also provides curriculum resources and outlines relevant activities to support teaching and learning about climate change. They also develop skills in the process of inquiry, literature research, experimental investigation and critical thinking.

CarbonKids leaders visit the schools to assist in the program’s implementation and provide resources such as literacy texts promotional tools. As well, all should that sign up to be a part of the program, receive regular e-newsletters that outline news and relevant activities.

For more information on the CarbonKids program checkout the CSIRO website.

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