Biolite Camp Stove

The Biolite Camp Stove is a camp stove that efficiently burns biomass for cooking flame while converting waste heat into electricity. The Biolite camp stove is an alternative to petroleum or gas camp stoves and is designed with outdoor adventure in mind. While cooking you can charge a phone, GPS or power an led lamp. Wood is burnt efficiently in the camp stove due to an electric fan (powered by wasted thermal camp stove heat) which fans oxygen into the fire.

The Biolite Camp Stove was invented by Alexander Drummond and Jonathan Cedar who were frustrated that the majority of camp stoves ran off gas, batteries or petroleum products.

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biolite camp stoveJonathon is an avid camper and combined his engineering skills with Alex’s design concepts to build camp stove prototypes that harnessed thermal energy and burnt wood and biomass fuels efficiently.

The resulting Biolite Camp Stove has evolved to be equipped with a USB charging point to harness electricity while you are cooking. This is a handy feature if you require on demand power in a remote location.

You don’t need to carry extra fuel for a biolite stove and the compact design makes it an attractive option for camping and trekking. The ability to recharge devices or power lights while you cook dinner is a handy feature that has applications not only for camping but also in disaster and third world situations.

biolite home stoveAnother product from Biolite is the Biolite Home Stove which also generates electricity from wasted heat and uses less than 1/2 the wood of an open fire and reduces smoke emissions by more than 90%.

A large percentage of the world uses open fires for cooking which produces toxic gasses and smoke inside people’s homes. Smoke from wood fires is on the World Health Organisation’s top 10 threats to human health. 75% of wood harvested in third worls countries is harvested to use as fuel – if this fuel could be burnt more efficiently it would have an impact on health and deforestation problems.

The Biolite Home Stove has completed field trials on 4 continents and large scale pilot programs begin in mid-2012 in India, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

Checkout the Biolite website for more information on the Biolite Camp Stove.

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