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May 16, 2011

Barrel Rain Water Tanks

Water conservation is a big issue in Australia. By creating a small water storage container and easily fitting it to the downpipe of your home you can have a small reservoir of water to use on your garden for cheap.

With a large plastic barrel, some pipe fittings, hose and mesh you can make an inexpensive mini water tank. Even if your home already has a rain water storage tank this is an easy DIY option to collect some extra water specifically for your garden or veggie patch.

Getting the plastic barrel is the key component of this idea – you should be able to find a suitable one for free (or very cheap) that is being discarded or unused at a food store or restaurant. Keep in mind you want to know what’s been in your barrel beforehand, a barrel that has been used for food is not going to contain anything too harmful for your garden! Obviously don’t use a barrel that has been used to store chemicals or other harmful liquid. Otherwise you can purchase a heavy duty plastic barrel from a local hardware store.

rain barrels

Rain barrel water tanks – easy DIY to store water for your garden.

The design of your barrel tank doesn’t have to use a plastic barrel – by using a similar method as above but using an old oak barrel you can make an attractive looking water storage tank that will be a feature of your garden.

If you live in a low rainfall area or finding you would like to store more water you can always add another barrel and run the overflow into it, doubling the amount of water you can store.

multiple rain barrels

Add storage capacity to your water tanks easily by adding another barrel.

Here’s an instructional video that shows the simple steps to create a rain water storage barrel. Some of the steps can be improvised depending on what fittings you have.

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