Australian designs a tsunami survival pod

A Gold Coast entrepreneur has developed a tsunami survival pod that could potentially save lives. Matt Duncan was so affected by watching the devastating repercussions of the Japanese tsunami that he turned his boat building resources into designing a tsunami survival pod to help others avoid tragedy.

It is fair to say that the earth is changing, with recent earthquakes and tsunamis taking their toll in greater numbers. Earthquakes and volcanic activity is on the rise and the danger of tsunami’s affecting more shores around the globe is increasing. The earthquake that triggered the devastating tsunami in Japan claimed more than 23,000 lives that day.

tsunami pod

tsunami survival pod interiorMatt Duncan saw the Japanese tsunami tragedy unfold on his television and decided to immediately put his resources toward a tsunami survival design. Within days his company, Havana Houseboats designed, created and tested a pod from the spiral-welded steel he normally uses in building his company’s houseboats.

Some of the key features that are employed in building houseboats were adapted for the tsunami survival pod design. Countless hours of footage of the tsunami were examined to understand how different objects reacted to the physical effects of a tsunami. Within a matter of days, the concept of the tsunami survival pod was complete and production soon commenced.

Some of the features of the tsunami survival pod include four seats with five-point harnessed safety belts and a main hatch that opens inwards to prevent any obstruction of exiting. There are crash bar crumble zones, a second exit hatch located in the floor (in the event the pod is rendered upside down), water tight seals, one inch thick windows, a crush capacity of six tonnes, exterior beacon lights and enough air for 2.5 hours for four persons.

tsunami survival pod matt

The tsunami survival pod is constructed of 4mm spiral welded steel with welded ring frames and painted with a bright orange marine epoxy paint finish. There are also lifting hooks to allow helicopter rescue if necessary and the pod is fitted with food rations and blankets and can be used as shelter in the aftermath of a tsunami. Due to the strength of the design, the pod can also be used as an earthquake shelter. The pod has also been designed to fit inside a standard garage with wheels to allow for easy mobility.

tsunami pod seats

At the time of writing, the tsunami survival pods are expected to sell for $8,500 in Australian dollars, or about $8,872 in US dollars.

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