Aquila Eco Lodges | Grampians National Park

Looking to escape to a plenary, Australian forest environment, in a place that toils hard to integrate with its surroundings? Then perhaps Aquila Eco Lodges, located in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, could be just your thing.

Set on 100 acres of pristine bushland environment, in the Southern Grampians shire of Victoria, the lodges co-exist with the likes of kangaroos, wallabies, emus, wedge tailed eagles and unique Australian flora. Such a locale has resulted in Aquila Eco Lodges being Australia’s first accommodation to be built under a Trust for Nature Covenant.

Grampians National Park

Grampians National ParkThe lodges must therefore adhere to stringent environmental conditions, as the area contains over 1000 species of native plants, 23 of which are endemic to the region. Accordingly, the property’s four self-contained eco-lodges have made every effort to mitigate their impact on the environmental.

Firstly, all Aquila’s infrastructure is located underground to minimise its visual impact on the Grampians National Park, while the property uses solar power as well as a backup diesel generator for its energy uses. Aquila’s solar power is stored in 48 batteries, and a computer controlled base delegates its usage.

The place also collects its own water via the roof, which is stored in tanks with close to 300,000 litres capacity. Forty-thousand litres of this are reserved for fire fighting, while fire-resistant building materials have been used in the building’s construction.

Apart from rainwater collection, the lodges also collect water from the local spring. All waste from the property is also dealt with on site, with worms breaking down compost, whilst heavier materials are taken to the tip for recycling.

Grampians National Park

Other eco-oriented features of this Grampians National Park getaway include a flushing compost toilet system, slow combustion wood heaters and evaporative cooling. There’s also a revegetation program where indigenous flora are planted on site, while the only service supplied at the property is a telephone line.

Fantastic, but what’s there to do at Aquila Eco Lodges? Well, besides the five kilometres of self-guided (guided walks available) trails to explore in this part of the Grampians National Park, there’s guided tours on sustainable living and a well-stocked library. Nearby, there’s a golf course, art galleries, yoga classes, horse riding and half-a-dozen excellent dining options should you feel inclined.

For more on this eco-accommodating pioneer, take a look at the Aquila Eco Lodges website.

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