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September 6, 2014

A1 Battery Pro Solar System Designs

A1 Battery Pro design and install solar systems for a wide variety of customers. We all know the benefits of solar power, but here’s a reminder in the short version. The two most persuasive reasons for installing solar to your private or business premises are obviously you will be saving money on your electricity usage – and that’s an expense that is only going to go up. The other compelling reason is that by choosing to use solar powered energy, you are reducing Green House Emissions – and that’s really good news for a planet that is dangerously warming due to the increase in CO2 emissions.

a1 battery pro solarEssentially there are two types of solar energy designs that will power your house or business. Both are great and both offer their own unique advantages, depending on your circumstances and your location. Most commonly, especially in cities, is the Grid Connect Solar System that allows for the house to be connected up to grid power while having solar modules on the roof.

With the Grid Connect Solar System the house uses power directly off the grid; just like any other house only your solar modules will put power back into the grid to offset your electricity bill. The house gets set up with a bidirectional meter that records the power consumed and power produced and will also be able to tell how much CO2 you have saved for the environment.

The other solar energy design is the Stand Alone System, otherwise known as Off The Grid. This system is designed for remote houses that don’t have the usual access to mains power. The system incorporates a battery bank and an inverter/charger. The solar modules put charge into the battery bank and then the inverter converts the charge to 240v mains so that your standard household items will work.

The Stand Alone System includes a set of meters that indicates the state of charge at battery bank and total power consumption and recovery each day. The inverter will also change to being a charger and help with the recovery of the charge in the batteries without any power loss to the house.

A1 Battery Pro has been specializing in design and installation for both of these solar powered systems since 2002. Fully accredited in the design and installation of Stand Alone and Grid connect solar by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), A1 Battery Pro have helped achieve an economical alternative to grid connected power. The staff have a combined 18 years of experience in the industry and can design and install solar solutions for just about anyone, anywhere.

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