A phone charger powered by a hot drink

Did you know there is now a phone charger that’s powered by a cup of hot coffee or an iced drink? We all know how a great cup of coffee can charge us for the day (make that at least two strong soy caps for me). Well now your hot cup of coffee (or tea) can create enough energy to become an effective phone charger. To someone like me that is not technical, it’s pretty extraordinary and it’s entirely true.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what the drink is, as long as it is hot or very cold. The Epiphany onE Puck siphons energy from the temperature change. The disk on the device (it looks like a clunky glass coaster), incorporates what is known as a stirling engine into its design. These engines run on heat disparities, transforming the change of your coffee’s temperature into power for your phone.

Phone charger

These stirling engines aren’t new, they’ve been around for about two hundred years and were first contrived as competition to the steam engine. Today, with modern technology and materials, the Epiphany onE Puck is able to create a new thermodynamic system that can be used virtually anywhere, including where a lot of us spend time, at our desk at work. If you’re like me, this is a perfect solution for a fading phone, when there’s no charger in sight.

It’s ideal for occasions when you decide to go out straight from work on a whim. The chances are you didn’t think to bring your phone charger to work with you. Just make yourself a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, and connect your phone. It’s the same principle for cold drinks, as there is a temperature change as your iced drink melts. This energy can be harvested to be used as a phone charger.

This crazy, but useful energy saving device comes from the clever people at Epiphany Labs. This business is essentially a group of technologists and business professionals who have a passion for inventing new technologies and tinkering with existing ones to develop products that create positive changes throughout the world.

Take a look at Epiphany’s onE Puck on kickstarter for more info.

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