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February 2, 2013

A home or office energy audit

Understandably, most of us are increasingly concerned about our energy usage and costs, which is why an energy audit could be part of the solution to track exactly where and how you use energy. For commercial, retail and residential, an energy audit can be an invaluable tool for identifying your energy consumption and locating any costly and polluting waste that may be occurring.

While energy ratings are becoming important to both residential and commercial properties, it is however, important to work with an energy auditor that holds Green Star, NABERS and other industry related accreditation – especially when choosing to audit a commercial property. For commercial properties it is now a legal requirement to provide a NABERS Energy rating as a component of a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate when an office space of more than 2,000 square metres is offered for lease or sale.

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Accredited auditors can generally rate any building according to the NABERS and Green Star rating system. Audit costs for commercial and retail premises vary depending on the level of audit required and the location, size, layout and content of the building proposed for assessment. Depending on your accuracy requirements accredited auditors can perform level one to three audits – the industry standards – to assess your current energy consumption and identify any energy saving opportunities that may exist.

A home energy audit helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money and how these loses can be addressed to make the home more energy efficient. Given the recent rises in energy costs, this service is increasingly popular as most of us seek ways to save on energy use and costs. The cost of an energy audit can usually be easily made up in future power savings.

For residential properties an energy audit is an invaluable way to identify energy specific waste in the home in areas you may not be able to identify yourself, such as faulty or ineffective appliances, or even incorrect installations to your building. Expert assessors should be able to locate any possible problem areas where energy may be wasted or unwarranted. The auditors should then provide you with relevant information and suggest energy solutions that will save you money by reducing your energy consumption.

There is now even free online energy auditing sites that provide a general guideline to your energy usage. If you do decide to have energy auditors visit your home or your business premise, be sure to do your research and employ only reputable, qualified and accredited companies to audit your commercial or residential premises.

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